Couple Who Killed Sex Offender Get Life Sentences, Still Say It Was the Right Move

Right or wrong -- Jeremy and Christine Moody are standing by what they did. The South Carolina couple, who were members of a white supremacist group before their arrest, was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a registered sex offender and his wife. But instead of apologizing to the families of victims Charles and Gretchen Parker or, hell, at the very least just keeping silent about it as they were handed down their sentence, the killers made it known that they have absolutely no regrets about what they did.


At first it seemed like Jeremy and Christine had some remorse for their actions. They apologized to a judge and asked for a 30-year sentence so they could see their children. But uh-uh, not so fast. Pretty much the minute after the judge broke the news that they'd be spending the rest of their days behind bars, Jeremy shouted, "That's what child molesters get" and "See you perverts later" at Charles' family.

Christine was right on board with her husband. She later told reporters: "Killing that pedophile was the best day of my life."

I understand that Charles did a horrific thing, and trust me, I find it close to impossible to find one thing to say to defend a convicted child molester. But the man served his time and was given his freedom. I may believe he deserves to spend his life in jail, but a judge determined that he didn't. Citizens don't have the right to seek "justice" based on what they feel is right -- case closed.

The fact that this couple continue to believe they were justified in killing Charles and his wife tells me that they deserve to serve the maximum prison sentence. They had every intention of going on a killing spree and murdering more sex offenders -- how could a judge be certain they wouldn't go through with it, given their state of mind?

The Moodys were convicted of murder, kidnapping, and burglary after they drove to the Parker home and pretended they were stuck and had car trouble. When Charles came out to help, they forced him back inside his house by gunpoint and explained to both him and Gretchen why they were going to kill them. Jeremy shot the couple and Christine stabbed them.

The couple reportedly went after child sex criminals because they both were abused as children and felt this was a way to right the wrongs that were done to them and other young victims. But killing a few people isn't going to solve the world's problems. I feel sorry for them that they didn't get the help they need so that they can be there for their own children instead of spending their lives locked up in prison.

Do you think this couple deserve life sentences for killing Charles and Gretchen Parker?


Image via Chris Potter/Flickr

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