13-Year-Old Boy Called in Sick for Dad He's Accused of Murdering

graffittiMurder is never okay, but there is something about family members killing each other that just makes the senseless act way more tragic. In Eagle County, Colorado, a 13-year-old boy is accused of murdering his own father, and the details of what happened afterward paint a horrifying scene.


According to the Denver Post, after allegedly murdering him, the boy then called his father's employer for days saying his father was sick before suspicions were raised. On top of that, his father was supposed to have gone to the police station to meet with deputies on April 30 to talk about his son who was under investigation in a graffiti case.

Eventually, the combination of the missed work and missed meeting led a deputy from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office to the family's home looking for the man. When the boy answered the door, he told police his 50-year-old father was there but was dead.

There is no word on how long his father had been deceased or the cause of death, but it's reported there were weapons found in the home. The boy, a student at St. Clare of Assisi Catholic School, has been charged with first-degree murder.

One has to wonder about the motive of the boy's alleged actions. If he did in fact kill him, did it have to do with the graffiti charges against him? Were there other issues at play? In any case, the thought of this boy living with his father's corpse for days on end and calling in sick to work for the man he allegedly murdered is beyond chilling.


Image via Kami68k/Flickr

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