7-Year-Old Boy Brings Grandma's Heroin Stash to School

Grandma heroinKids often stick things in their pockets on the sly. My own little girl will hide a My Little Pony figure or a drawing of a kitten in her pocket to take with her to school. But one 7-year-old boy in Pennsylvania had something not just illegal, but very, very dangerous in his pockets. The first grader at Caln Elementary brought nine small baggies of heroin to class. Yes, NINE BAGGIES OF HEROIN! Totally crazy, right? But get this, that's not the craziest part of the story ...


The heroin reportedly belonged to his grandma, yes, his grandmother! Pauline Bilinski-Munion was babysitting her grandson and stated that she "lost track" of her stash. The active user had apparently placed the bags of drugs by the washing machine, which is where the boy found them. For whatever reason, he opted to stuff them in his pocket and bring them to school.

While in class, his teacher, thankfully, found them. But an empty baggie was found in his pants and apparently some of the drugs escaped his pockets and ended up in the school's grass. What if one of the children would have found it thinking it was sugar or candy? There could have been deadly consequences, especially given the way it sounds like the school handled the situation.

"We’re lucky we don’t have a dead 7-year-old on our hands from ingesting heroin," Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan told CBS News. "The school district didn’t call 911. Didn’t call the DA’s office. Did not freeze all the kids in place. Did not call emergency personal to see if the kids were okay."

Really? While the cops were called, it sounds like a lot of important steps weren't taken, such as an immediate lock-down. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but it certainly raises important questions about protocol for such situations, and it's easy to see why people are enraged.

As for the boy's grandmother, she was arrested and is currently in jail, after the $25,000 cash bail wasn't posted.

What do you think should have happened? Would you have wanted a total lock-down if that happened at your kid's school?


Image via Chester County Police Department

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