10-Year-Old 'Mobsters' Try to Poison Their Teacher In Class

coffee cupThis is just so wrong. While here in the states we are celebrating teacher appreciation week, from England comes news of actions that are pretty much the total opposite of a sign of appreciation.

According to reports, two 10-year-olds tried to poison their teacher with some sort of deadly chemical. Yes, these boys actually tried to kill their teacher! And that's not all, they think they are some sort of "mafia."


The boys are part of a small crew who believe they are some sort of mob and one crime they were ready to take on was murder.

According to reports they put a lethal bleach like substance into teacher Emma Place's coffee. It was apparently a close call for the educator. As she was about to take a sip, another student warned her, telling her what the boys had done. She wasn't the only intended victim. The kids had a "hit list" of five other teachers that they planned on offing.

So what will happen to these mini-wannabe-mafioso. Shockingly, not much.

"Neither the school nor the teacher are pressing charges," said one of the school's governors. The police aren't getting involved either.

"It was determined it was an isolated incident and was dealt with internally by the school," said a Warwickshire Police spokesman.

Really? You would think there would be stiffer consequences for attempted murder. Let's hope that the school will deal with it and try to put an end to these kid and their gang, otherwise next time they might succeed.

What kind of punishment do you think these boys deserve?


Image via Jon/Flickr

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