Teen Fakes Her Own Kidnapping to Get Back at Her Ex-Boyfriend (LISTEN)

Teens make a lot of mistakes, but some take them way too far. Ankita Lavender, 16, is one of those teens and she needs to pay, literally, for what she did. Lavender called her ex-boyfriend to tell him a car was following her, and then she called her father to say that two men in the car that was following her had kidnapped her. Lavender's mom called 911 and an Amber Alert was issued. Lavender was found hours later, lying on the side of the road. She claimed her abductors had thrown her from the vehicle. This sounds like a happy ending, but it wasn't. For Lavender had reportedly lied about the whole thing -- all to get her ex-boyfriend's sympathy.


The teen from Florida was apparently upset that she and her boyfriend had broken up. She then began posting on Twitter, saying things like:

- Going MIA for awhile.

- Finally have a plan.

- If I disappeared, it wouldn't even be a problem.

- Goodbye.

When a disappearance didn't magically happen, Lavender apparently decided to make it happen by coming up with the kidnapping story. Now her parents could be held liable for the estimated $5,000 the search cost.

If I were these parents, I would pay the fine, then make Lavender work to pay back the money. Pay back every dime. No matter how long it takes.

Lavender then needs a lesson in what police do -- and how their resources could have been better used elsewhere while they were looking for a girl who hadn't really been kidnapped. She needs to talk to real victims of real kidnappings.

She needs to talk to her parents, who need to let her know how terrified they were.

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She needs to stay away from boys; she clearly can't deal with rejection, and all relationships come with that risk.

She needs a psychologist. Anything else?

It's unclear whether she will be charged with filing a false police report. Since she's a minor, authorities wouldn't release this information.

What do you think should happen to her? Here's the 911 call of her mother calling police. (Does the mom sound somewhat disbelieving of this whole thing too?)


Image via WTEV

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