Former Marine Offers Chilling Explanation for Murdering 6 People (VIDEO)

A man accused of being a serial killer and stabbing six people in a weeks-long killing spree blames it on his "kill gene." The California man, Itzcoatl (Izzy) Ocampo, who is a former Marine, killed a man and his mother in their home. Then he moved on to homeless people -- easy targets; plus, in his twisted mind, he was cleaning up the streets. But what is really sick is that the man claimed in a videotape that he got a "thrill" when he killed and said he has a "kill gene."


The man said in an interview after he was arrested:

My testicles ... the f*cking kill gene hit my sperm. Like, that’s the way I feel right now, like my sperm had f*cking kill in them. Like, all right, you’re not a bitch anymore.

Relatives say that he came back from serving in Iraq a different person, one who had screaming flashbacks, even though he never saw active combat. But he did inspect the wounded. His brother said he became paranoid and would check the bathroom for bombs. He also apparently spent many days applying for jobs but couldn't get hired. His brother said the Veterans' Administration diagnosed him with psychological issues.

Ocampo said he regretted not getting the chance to kill anyone in combat:

I didn't get to kill when I was in ... I'd look at other Marines and, you know, want to be like them.

So did he really have a "kill gene" or just think he did? Since there is no actual "kill gene" that any scientist has discovered anyway, he obviously wouldn't know. But it does open the question as to whether or not some people are born more inclined to kill than others.

Expert opinion differs, but there is some evidence that people who are "psychopaths" have different brain wiring.

Whatever the reason, this man felt compelled to kill. Whether that was by choice or something inside of his brain that he couldn't control. If he had a "kill gene," then it's even more imperative he be removed from society, since obviously his genes would make him keep killing.

Ocampo committed suicide in prison by drinking Ajax. Perhaps his "kill gene" finally turned against himself.

Do you think there is a kill gene?

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