Man Who Ran Over Kids' Pet Chihuahua on Purpose Gets What He Deserves

Of all of the sick crimes humans perpetrate against each other, the worst are against the most helpless: kids, the elderly, and animals. If you do anything to deliberately hurt any of those three, society deserves the maximum punishment it can get against you. Michael David Parker was allegedly mad at his wife since they were going through a divorce. Instead of doing what a real man would do -- suck it up, get some therapy, rise above, count his blessings, etc. -- he took his wife and kids' beloved little dog, Cow Cow, put him in his trunk, drove to an alleyway, let Cow Cow out, and then sped his car deliberately over the chihuahua, killing him. How sick can you get?!


The scumbag might have gotten away with it, except that karma in the form of a surveillance camera mounted on a nearby house caught it all. Parker tried to claim he never meant to hurt the dog -- and maybe he would have been believed. After all, who would deliberately run over the helpless pooch that your kids loved?

But cameras have a way of not lying. They don't minimize. And they don't go, "Oh, no one could do that!" Nope, they show the real deal. And what this one showed was how sick this asswipe is.

Unfortunately, while animal abuse is being taken more seriously in this country, it is still often not taken seriously enough. Parker has just received 16 months in prison for killing Cow Cow.

It's not enough time if you ask me, especially considering he will probably serve half of that for good behavior. But given that many people get away with no prison time for torturing animals, at least he got something.

Also, he got his name and face all over the Internet. Where it belongs. Let every woman who might consider dating him know what he did. Let every animal shelter who might consider letting him adopt know what he did. Let his friends, family, boss, colleagues know what he did. His kids have to live knowing what kind of father they have -- let him suffer his whole life too.

That little dog did absolutely nothing to him -- his only crime was liking him. I hope he spends every day in prison seeing that little pup's cute, trusting face.

Do you think this is enough time?


Image via Hawthorne Police

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