Woman Arrested for Killing Baby Because He Looked Like Dad

A young woman is under arrest for killing her baby and her "excuse" for why she did it is so cold-hearted, it will leave you with chills. The 18-year-old woman from Chicago, Ana Rosa Mora, is charged with putting her newborn baby boy in a plastic bag, placing him outside of her house, and then going back to bed. By the time the infant was found by a construction worker, he was dead. Wait 'til you hear why Mora reportedly said she committed this heinous act.


Mora is charged with giving birth to a full-term baby but then immediately wrapping him in the plastic shopping bag and placing him, along with the placenta and the umbilical cord, on the gangway next to her home.

Mora told police that the baby looked just like her ex-boyfriend, who was the father, and she worried that her current boyfriend would notice this and break up with her. It's unclear if the current boyfriend knew she was pregnant, but given that she was telling people at her high school that she was pregnant, it's likely he did. And since she didn't want him finding out her ex was the father, then my guess is that her current boyfriend was under the impression he was.

Such a sad tale. Instead of choosing her helpless baby, the woman chose her boyfriend. Men will come and go, but children will love you forever. It's always wrong to choose a love interest over your child.

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Also, this baby could have been placed somewhere safe -- a hospital, a police station. Instead, she allegedly put him outside, where he died. So many people could have wanted to adopt this infant. It is for reasons like this that safe haven laws exist. And yet this woman allegedly chose to endanger her baby like this.

I don't know how you put an infant in a bag outside and then go back to bed!

This poor little boy. Most mommies would be thrilled that their baby looked like daddy -- but reportedly that sealed this baby's doom.

How can we better prevent this type of thing from happening?


Image via Chicago Police Dept.

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