Boy Brutally Beats 87-Year-Old Woman in Elderly Living Complex

jailA 14-year-old California boy who has been on the loose for the past week has finally been arrested in connection with the brutal beating of an 87-year-old woman in her home at a senior living housing facility. The assault occurred during an apparent armed robbery and the boy did not act alone.

His cohort? A 15-year-old friend, who was apprehended and arrested on April 17, the day of the attack.

The police had to resort to unusual measures to find the 14-year-old.


Generally, in cases involving juvenile delinquents, authorities keep the suspect's name private. But in this instance, the police released a flier of the boy, which included his photo and name. The department justified doing so in this case because of the serious nature of the crime.

The charges against the two reveal the magnitude of what they did: burglary, torture, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon.

The attack was random and police say the woman had no connection to the boys. "It's an 87-year-old victim minding her own business in the safety of her own home," police Lt. Dean Evans told the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

Their elderly victim remains in the hospital in critical, but stable condition.


Do you think the police were right to release the underage suspect's name and photo in an effort to find him?


Image via Woody Hibbard/Flickr


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