Man Arrested for Keeping Sister in Deplorable 'Dungeon' for Years

You can always count on family. At least, that's what you hope. But not in this family. Arthur Gauvin, 58, of Connecticut has been arrested after police found his 56-year-old sister locked in a small bedroom with the only window blacked-out and boarded up and urine and feces covering the walls. She was also covered in feces, as was the bed she slept in. She had reportedly been in there for about seven years. Authorities say the bedroom was "like a dungeon."


A call came into police expressing concern for a woman inside of the house in Connecticut, so cops came to investigate. First, they smelled a terrible odor. It was so terrible they had to leave and come back in hazardous material suits.

Then they found Gauvin's sister. She had signed her house over to her brother seven years ago, and he was supposed to take care of her for at least nine years before the state would take over. It's unclear why the woman had to be cared for -- but Gauvin allegedly was doing a terrible job of it.

Apparently as long as Gauvin was caring for his sister, then the state of Connecticut wouldn't seize the home, where he and some juvenile relatives were living, to cover the costs of caring for his sister. So I guess his solution was to allegedly keep her in a disgustingly filthy, urine-and-feces covered room.

It's unclear who the children living in the home were, but they were taken into children's protective services. It's unbelievable that they would be living in a house with that going on.

This poor woman probably counted on her brother taking care of her -- who would ever think a brother would do this to you? Horrific. Thank goodness someone finally called police.


Image via Seymour Police

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