Man Arrested for Stabbing Toddler in Neck Repeatedly (VIDEO)

There's NEVER a justifiable reason to hurt a child -- this goes without saying. But sometimes the motive behind doing so is even more mystifying than usual. Jose Guillermo Molina, who is only 21, reportedly stabbed a 3-year-old boy in the neck IN FRONT OF his mother -- and then proceeded to stab him two more times. The little boy was playing in the courtyard of his family's Houston apartment complex when Molina, who lives next door to the child's family, sunk a kitchen knife into the back of the boy's neck. His mother begged the man NOT to pull the knife out, for fear that her child would bleed to death. But the psychopath ignored her pleas and instead pulled the knife out and used it to stab him again -- and again.


Thank goodness the toddler is home with his mom now and will survive this vicious attack. There is a connection between Molina and the boy's family -- he lives next door to them and, according to police, had knocked on their door prior to the attack but was denied entry into their home.

Ugh, can you blame the family for not letting him in?!

Neighbors have nicknamed the man "cucuy," which means "monster" or "boogeyman" in Mexico. Lest you think they're jumping the gun and judging him based on the many, slightly frightening tattoos Molina has on his face, consider this fact: he was once convicted for attacking his own mother.

After stabbing the child, witnesses say Molina threw the boy on the ground, put his knee to his chest, and tried to choke him. He then tossed his weapon aside and walked across the street to a commercial shopping lot, as if nothing had happened.

Assuming he's found guilty, we can all breathe easier knowing this lunatic will be locked away -- and far from children -- for, let's hope, a very long time. He was charged with injury to a child and is being held without bond.

This video clip features neighbors who say they witnessed the chilling attack:

What do you think motivated this man to stab a 3-year-old child in front of his mother?


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