New Bride Arrested for Shooting Niece on Wedding Day​ (VIDEO)

It's no big secret that wedding nights are usually not as sexy and romantic as people would like to believe they are, but usually a bride doesn't spend her wedding night in jail on murder charges. But that's where 30-year-old Christina George-Harvan spent it after allegedly shooting her 21-year-old niece hours after exchanging vows with her new husband. The three were at a Pennsylvania bar celebrating the earlier nuptials when reportedly they got into an argument in the parking lot about who would drive -- and George-Harvan got out her gun to settle things.


George-Harvan's niece, Katelyn Francis, was rushed to the hospital but died. She is reportedly the mom of a young child.

George-Harvan, who had just married Jeremy Harvan, is charged with homicide, assault, and reckless endangerment.

Imagine, just hours before, Francis was at her aunt's wedding, probably enjoying it like everyone else. But it sounds like there must have been some major issues underneath the surface? For who takes out a gun and shoots a relative on her wedding day over something so stupid?

This woman should be on her honeymoon. This should have been one of the most idyllic times in her life. But instead it turned into a tragedy -- why? Why take a gun to a bar? How many times do we need to read stories like this to prove that guns and alcohol do not mix?

What is the husband feeling? One minute he had a brand new wife -- the next minute, she might be a prisoner for the rest of her life.

And Katelyn has lost her life -- and reportedly a little boy lost his mom. For what?

All so stupid and tragic. I'm not even going to get into her mug shot. Why on Earth would anyone smile like that as if she were just named homecoming queen?

Should guns ever be brought to bars?

Image via New Brighton Police

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