Pregnant Woman Shot in the Stomach Over Facebook Argument Loses Her Baby

A 23-year-old pregnant woman in Florida lost her baby this week after being shot in the stomach during a violent argument that started on Facebook and ended with the death of her child. The woman remains in critical condition in the hospital after Wednesday's attack, but her unborn child didn't survive.

According to law enforcement, Makeisha Nicole Brooks was six months pregnant when her 35-year-old neighbor and acquaintance Virginia Denise Wyche allegedly shot her in the stomach and killed her baby.


The pair had supposedly been fighting on Facebook late Tuesday night, and Brooks went to Wyche's home around noon on Wednesday to confront her about it. The fight turned physical, and according to the arrest report, the pregnant woman slapped Wyche before being shot.

A witness said, "They were arguing out front, something about Facebook. I walked out and just heard a pop."

No one seems to know what the argument was about, but surely it couldn't have been worth shooting someone over. The suspect's mother, Lillian Jordan, told police she was "as confused as everyone else about what led up to the shooting at her home."

"My son called me and I was very disturbed about this because this is not the way I was raised, and they [were] not raised like this," Jordan said to reporters at the scene. "Somebody had to provoke my child ... to do what she [did]. I don't know if she was trying to defend herself, or if they [were] trying to jump on my child, I can't say."

I'm trying really hard to imagine a pregnant woman in her third trimester being a threat to an able-bodied 35-year-old, but maybe she had some of those pregnancy-induced endorphins going through her system? But that slap must've been something else if Wyche is going to try to go for the self-defense argument.

Why did she even have a gun on her anyway? Does that show premeditation or support the self-defense plea? Was she scared Brooks was armed? According to the arrest report, Wyche "admitted pulling a gun from her waistband and shooting Brooks after Brooks slapped her in the face."

So we have a confession and witnesses for a crime that happened in broad daylight that resulted in the death of a baby. I think she's going to need one heck of a defense attorney if police can't find any evidence the shooting was in self-defense.

Wyche was booked into Duval County jail in lieu of $1 million bail, on one count of murder and one count attempted murder.

Do you think unborn children should be considered murder victims in cases like this?

Image via Jacksonville Police Department

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