School Bus Driver Caught Selling Heroin On the Job

bus driver selling heroinA 38-year-old school bus driver has been indicted for selling heroin while on break from taking children to and from school. Anna Kovarick, an employee of Acme Bus, worked for West Islip Catholic schools on Long Island. Her runs would include the morning pickup of kids and bring them to school. Then during the time she would have to wait to pick them up from school to take them home, she would sell heroin. She'd return to her school bus route, drop kids off at school, and sell more heroin.

What any bus driver does on their break is their business, but doing something illegal is an issue, especially since this is dealing with drugs.


The Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota calmed parents saying that there was no indication that she was doing drugs herself. Kovarick has been driving school buses for 15 years and her record was spotless. It seems that she was a drug runner for her boyfriend who is currently in jail. Awful.

Still, I feel it put kids in danger -- she was the person drug buyers knew and if for some reason she was being followed the drug buyers they would know she was a school bus driver. Who knows what could have happened! Was she carrying the drugs on the bus? This scares me so much. Bus drivers resorting to this type of job to make more money -- particularly someone who works with children, for children, to protect children, we are trusting these drivers with our children's lives. What kind of sentence fits this crime? Should she ever be allowed to drive a school bus again? I feel that's doubtful.

What do you think of this crime?


Image via Suffolk County Police

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