Fourth Graders Busted for Selling Their Family's Pot on School Playground

Whatever happened to children trading friendship bracelets on the playground? Two fourth graders -- 10-year-olds, folks -- were busted for selling pot at their school's playground. The incident took place in Colorado -- where marijuana was legalized this year. It will probably not come as a major shock to learn how the tots got their hands on a small bag of weed: they simply swiped it from their relatives.


One boy brought a small amount of pot to school and reportedly sold it to three other classmates on the playground for a total of $11. You could say his actions sparked one of the oddest show-and-tells of all time because the very next day, one of the boy's "customers" brought in a "treat" of his own: an edible form of pot that he gave to the boy who had sold him weed. Want to guess where he got it from? Ding, ding, ding -- yep, his family!

The first boy sampled the edible marijuana but, thankfully, didn't experience ill effects from it. As you may know, pot cookies and brownies have been in the spotlight lately because experts believe the side effects of edible marijuana are far more potent than smoking it, and several teens and children have become sick after eating goodies baked with weed.

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Four students were suspended for either buying or selling pot at the school. The school's principal wisely sent a letter home with each child expressing a sentiment that is probably on many of our minds when we hear stories like these: for the love of God, parents, lock up your pot.

I have no issue with the legalization of marijuana, but weed should be treated as a potentially dangerous prescription drug and kept out of the reach of children.

Are you surprised children this young are selling and sampling marijuana? Do you think their parents are to blame?


Image via laffy4k/Flickr

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