Mom Arrested After Throwing Her Newborn Baby in a Trash Bin

baby buried

Police officers are tasked with some horrific duties. This next story is certainly no exception. After getting a call that there was blood on a garbage bin, an officer had to dig through God knows how much trash to find the infant that had been buried there. Horrifying does not even begin to describe the scene as the poor child was pulled from the mess ... but thankfully, he was alive. And the mother?


Police say Sharon Ferguson gave birth, put her child in a plastic bag, and wrapped him in a pink blanket before placing her baby in the garbage. According to reports, the mother is a homeless woman who suffers from mental illness. She has since been charged with attempted murder and unlawful neglect of a child.

Thankfully homeowners in the Greenville, South Carolina neighborhood called 911 after spotting an unusual amount of blood. That was enough evidence for the cops to suspect someone or something was hurt inside. 

It's an atrocious and despicable act, to be sure. It would be easy to condemn this woman as some heartless monster. Most states have safe haven laws that will allow you to legally and safely leave your baby at a hospital or fire station. Why not choose that option? But is the story really so cut and dry? I can't help but feel some measure of empathy for this clearly troubled individual. Giving birth can be a traumatic experience for even the most stable, happy women. There seemed to be so many factors working against this person. Maybe, at that time, she wasn't capable of rational thought.

Of course, that doesn't justify or explain away what she did. That baby could have been killed. That is a crime and she should be punished. However, I am just grateful this sad story has a happy ending -- the baby was found alive and hopefully he will get a loving family to keep him safe.

If this mom gets help, should she be allowed to keep her child?


Image via NBC 4 WYFF

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