Mom Leaves Toddler in Nightclub Storeroom While She Parties

So what's a woman to do when she wants to go out partying but she can't score childcare? Well, she could stay home. She could bring the child to a relative's or friend's house. Orrrr she could go to the nightclub anyway, stow the kid in a storeroom, and boogy down 'til dawn. Which is exactly what one dancing diva from France apparently decided to do. And to think I thought stupid mom tricks like this was reserved for the USA!


The woman, said to be in her 30s, reportedly brought her 2-year-old son with her to a nightclub called Sunset Boulevard, stuck him in a storeroom, and went to the dance floor, where she stayed for several hours.

The child was also reportedly asthmatic. Workers discovered the child in a fold-out crib in the storeroom and called police.

Wow, you can't even blame her age on this one. A woman in her 30s should know better. But apparently she never grew up. Was this better than leaving the child home alone? I guess? That's like choosing between two really bad ideas.

The mom was charged with child abandonment and taken to a drunk tank to sober up.

I will say times have certainly changed. While my mother never took me to a nightclub -- we didn't have those in our little town -- I was routinely brought to bars and let loose. I don't think I was as young as this though. It was just the kind of thing parents did. There once was a time when parents lined up their strollers outside of grocery stores and went inside to shop. You don't do that anymore either unless you want to get arrested.

I have to say parents have it kind of rough now. You're supposed to leech onto your kid 24/7. At a very young age, I could easily go most of the day without seeing my mother. (Not saying this was great, either. But it did teach me how to be independent.)

But, yeah, taking your toddler to a nightclub and storing the kid away in a backroom. Never a good idea.

Have you ever brought your kid somewhere strange?


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