Dad Arrested for Putting Daughter in Headlock Because He Didn’t Get His Way

This father is not going to get any Dad of the Year awards. Brett Alden Miller was arrested after he allegedly put his 14-year-old daughter in a headlock -- because she tried to stop him from drunk driving. Brett Alden Miller, 46, allegedly put his daughter in the wrestling move just because she was doing the right thing by calling her mother to express concern that her dad was preparing to drive while intoxicated. According to witnesses, the father tried to grab the teen's phone away from her but then things escalated.


It all happened at a Lake Oswego high school softball game in Oregon. After witnesses became alarmed at seeing what looked like Miller trying to choke his daughter, they called 911. But apparently Miller wasn't choking his daughter, "just" putting her in a headlock. Oh, okay. That's much better. (Sarcasm.) But at least the girl was not hurt.

School officials kicked Miller off the property, but he was found later and arrested. He is being charged with harassment and driving under the influence.

Here is what I hate about this story, besides the obvious. This teen girl, at 14, was more responsible than her 46-year-old father. She knew what he was reportedly trying to do was wrong and was trying to do something about it. She probably didn't want to go so far as to call the police, so she called mom.

And this is the thanks she gets for it. Her father should have said, "You know, honey, you are right. I'm in no condition to drive. Let's call a cab or get a ride with a friend." Instead he punishes her.

And now the guy is facing some pretty serious charges, which will probably only serve to make her feel guilty. Who knows, also, if she may be ostracized or punished at home.

I hope she doesn't come away from this experience feeling that it's better not to get involved than try to stand up to a parent who is making a terrible decision. Unfortunately, it can often feel that way. But it's not, and she should be proud.

Any words for this girl? Have you ever tried to stand up to someone more powerful than you?


Image via Clackamas County Sheriff's Dept.

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