Dad Gets Twisted Texted Messages from Man Accused of Killing His Daughter (VIDEO)

This is one text message no parent ever wants to receive. A man has been arrested for killing his 20-year-old girlfriend and then texted her family to boast about it. The man, Gabriel Galan Navarro of Renton, Washington, was apparently angry that his girlfriend was leaving for college and blamed her parents for her decision to leave. So after he allegedly strangled Allison Leedy, he texted family members including her father and younger sister:

If you are getting this you are responsible for Allison's death. You turned her against me.


The disturbed and depraved 20-year-old man then reportedly texted her father:

She’s dead. I have the last laugh.

Navarro has been charged with first degree murder.

I can't imagine what it must have been like to get such messages. Were they jokes? What kind of sick jokes? And if you realize they are not jokes, your heart must sink into your gut knowing that someone your daughter loved and trusted just lost her life to his hands.

After Navarro reportedly sent these beyond-twisted messages, he then called police and told them about Allison's murder but lied and said he had a gas bomb and gun in his apartment. After police surrounded his home he eventually surrendered.

The one good thing about these alleged disgusting text messages is that they are as good as a confession. Provided some lawyer doesn't manage to get them tossed from court.


Image via KCPQ

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