Ferry Tragedy Continues With Arrests & Apparent 'Survivor's Guilt' Suicide

JindoLocal officials have arrested the captain of the ferry boat that sank off the coast of South Korea earlier this week. The 68-year-old captain and two crew members were detained and arrested, but the charges are still pending.

Meanwhile, the vice principal of the 325 second year students from Danwon High School who were on board for an overnight field trip has allegedly killed himself out of survivor's guilt. 52-year-old Kang Mik-kyu was found hanging from a tree on Jindo island, where survivors were taken.


The ferry was carrying 475 passengers total. 29 people have been confirmed dead, and 267 are still missing in the cold and murky waters off the coast of Jindo.

Prosecutors allege that the captain was not present on the bridge of the ferry, named Sewol, which is required by law when a ship passes through an area with many closely-clustered islands. It's thought that the boat took a turn too sharply, which caused it to capsize and sink.

Senior prosecutor Yang Jung-jin also claims the captain abdandoned ship before the other passengers who needed rescuing, after ordering them to stay where they were for 30 minutes before finally giving the order to evacuate.

Such a tragedy.

Do you think there's a chance the missing passengers may still be alive?


Image via Stu Aird/Flickr


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