Troubled Grandmother Who Shot 2 Grandchildren Left Behind Horrific 'Reason'

This story breaks my heart for so many reasons. First, you have two young children taken from this life in a most horrific way -- murdered by their very own grandmother. Most of us think of nothing but affection when we think of grandma. Grandma is the person you run to for unconditional love when you're not feeling it from your parents. So the very idea that Debra Denison would shoot her own young grandsons is unfathomable. She then killed herself. Enough horror for any family. But it gets even worse.


Denison reportedly left a note explaining her horrific motive for the crime, a note which has just come to light. In it, she reportedly told the children's parents that they didn't deserve children and she wanted them to feel the loss of a child. Ugh, just unfathomable. Not only did Denison kill her 2-year-old and 6-month-old grandsons, but she did it for a heinous reason like this -- purely to hurt the children's parents.

Of course, Denison had a long history of mental illness, including reportedly having multiple personality disorder. This can make you say all kinds of things. And do all kinds of things. It's utterly devastating that her mental illness got her to this point.

Despite the fact that Denison had a very rocky history with her daughter, Brenda Perry, and she had tried to kill herself six times before, it is very hard to give up on your mother. And like most mothers Brenda did not want to.

Reportedly, they had recently patched things up, and were planning on counseling together. Denison had also been added to an approved list of people who could pick up the kids from school. She was supposed to only be able to do this with a relative, but she reportedly came alone to the daycare where the kids were and drove them to their doom.

What an awful feeling it must be for Brenda that she tried to do the right thing and trust her mom and bring her mom into the family fold, only to be horrifically betrayed. Denison's husband said he "never imagined" she could do something like this.

It's very difficult to completely shut relatives with mental illness out of your life -- often they act perfectly normal and loving. And you want to help them. They're family after all. So when something like this happens, it's just tragic all around.

Have you ever dealt with a mentally ill family member?

Image via Connecticut Police

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