Man Accused of Suffocating Son So He Could Watch TV & Play Video Games

This is another one of those stories that just makes your stomach churn. A man has been accused of suffocating his 16-month-old son so he could play Xbox and watch TV. The man, 24-year-old Cody Wygant, reportedly confessed to placing his hands over the baby's nose and mouth until he became lethargic because he was frustrated with the tot's crying interrupting his game playing time.


Authorities say that the baby, Daymeon, was doing what babies have a tendency to do -- crying -- and his father became irritated that he couldn't play his video games and watch TV. So he did the unthinkable. He reportedly covered the baby's nose and mouth with his hands and waited until his crying stopped and his breathing slowed. Then he apparently placed him in a playpen and continued playing Xbox and watching the TV show Fringe. He allegedly did not check on his son for five hours.

By the time he did decide to check on his child, he was unresponsive and had turned blue. Horrific.

Wygant, who lived in Homosassa, Florida, reportedly had primary custody of his son and the boy's mother was not home at the time. They also have a 3-month-old daughter, who was placed in protective custody.

This isn't the only devastating story we've heard of a father choosing video games over the life of his child. A dad in South Korea was recently arrested for killing his 2-year-old son so he could go to an Internet cafe for 10 days straight and play video games.

Whether or not either of these dads was addicted to video games and that played into their decision to kill their child, I don't know. But I do believe people can be addicted to all kinds of things and that addiction can wreak havoc with their decision-making capabilities.

On the other hand, some people are just inherently selfish and self-consumed and don't want anyone or anything stopping them from doing what they want at that very moment. Even if that means murdering a helpless child who trusts you and relies on you to care for them.

To anyone thinking of having a child -- please consider that it is going to severely cut into your video game playing and TV watching time. Also, all of the other activities you are accustomed to doing when you want to do them. A child has demands that aren't on your schedule.

If video game playing or TV watching or any other activity is of utmost importance to you, to the point where you would absolutely hate for it to be put off for a few hours, then do not have a child!

Do you think people who have kids sometimes don't understand all of the work it takes?

Image via police

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