Mom Kidnaps Daughter & Puts Her In Most Dangerous Situation Imaginable (VIDEO)

mom kidnaps daughterHere is a fact that the news makes clear every single day: some people just aren't meant to be mothers ... or rather good ones. The latest crazy story centers around Aubrey Coy, a mom who cops claim kidnapped her daughter during a supervised visitation. Then she did something so crazy, so reckless, you will totally understand why she probably didn't have custody in the first place.


The five-year-old was living with Coy's mother. The pair were left alone for just a few minutes and she took off with the little girl. Cops managed to track her down by using a signal from her cell phone. But as if taking her wasn't bad enough, she drove like a bat out of hell fleeing from police.

With the child on her lap, she dangerously weaved in and out of traffic at 75 miles per hour. Reckless. Absolutely reckless. She could have crashed the car and killed them both. Dash cam footage from a state trooper's car shows how incredibly dangerous the incident was. Check it out

Perhaps the most astonishing part was that she kept the child locked in her grip as the police tackled her to the ground and even as they tried to handcuff her. That just put the poor little girl in more danger of getting hurt. How in the world could she possibly justify her actions? I have no doubt she wanted to be with her child, but this is a crazy, unsafe way to do it.

What could this mom have possibly been thinking?


Image via You Tube

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