Woman Accused of Letting Boyfriend Abuse 14-Year-Old Disabled Girl

A woman has been accused of allowing her married boyfriend to sexually assault her 14-year-old developmentally disabled relative. The woman, Holly Morrison, 34, is accused of watching her boyfriend assault her relative and encouraging her relative to have sex with him. Oregon resident Morrison reportedly met Donald Cass, 59, at a "swinger's party" and they attended "swinger's events" together. Cass reportedly saw Morrison every weekend and told his wife he was going fishing.


Cass then met Morrison's teen relative, whose relationship with Morrison and name are being withheld.

At some point, the girl told friends and a counselor that Morrison was forcing her to get naked into bed and take showers with the couple. The girl also alleges that she was sexually abused with objects. So not only was Morrison allegedly using this girl for her and her boyfriend's sexual gratification, but since they were related, this makes it incestual too. Despicable.

The girl was reportedly developmentally disabled and most likely counting on Morrison to protect her and care for her. Instead, she was horribly betrayed and used to make some man sexually gratified. Cass was sentenced to an eight-year prison term, four of that suspended. Not enough time if you ask me.

Thank goodness this poor girl finally spoke up. Unfortunately, there are a lot of details missing in this case. For instance, how was Morrison related to the girl and how did she get so much access to her?

I get so incredibly angry when I hear about women betraying their own daughters or female relatives for men. Women who do that have a huge void in their souls that they hope they can fill by gaining male approval. In reality, a soul is filled by being a loving, caring, and trustworthy person to those who have less power than you.

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Morrison apparently told police that "she did not approve of Donald Cass’ behavior, but she said at some point he had convinced her that this behavior was normal."

This sounds like someone trying to pass blame. You must know that allowing an adult to abuse a girl in front of your eyes is not "normal."

Do you think if Morrison is found guilty, she should serve as much time as Cass?


Image via Westbook Police

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