Dad of 3 Killed While Helping a Homeless Man Who Was Being Harassed

donnie reed

It's no wonder so many people are reluctant to get involved when they see something bad happening. The death of Donnie Reed is yet another cautionary tale for would-be good Samaritans. When the father of three saw a homeless man being harassed, he stepped up to help. What happened to him as a result is absolutely horrific.


One of the ruthless thugs stabbed Reed in the chest. The do-gooder was out with friends at a sports bar on Saturday night, and as they left the bar, they stopped a group of guys from starting a fight with the homeless man. That is when that group turned on Reed and his friends.

His buddy tried to save him by putting pressure on the knife wound in his chest, but he later died the hospital. Another friend was stabbed in the head but remains in stable condition. His wife Jenny, Reed's high school sweetheart, and his three children are the biggest victims in this tragedy.

Cops are now on the search for the suspect. His widow says she just wants this killer to stand in front of her kids and tell them why he took their daddy from him. Sadly, any answer this man would give could not give them any solace. This is the very definition of a senseless crime. And it sends a very scary message to the rest of us -- help at your own risk.

Does this make you more reluctant to get involved if you see something wrong?


Image via CBS Los Angeles

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