Dad Accused of Killing 2-Year-Old So He Could Play Video Games

A dad is accused of suffocating his 2-year-old son for one of the most heinous reasons imaginable. At first, authorities thought he had left his baby alone for 10 days and the child starved to death, which is bad enough. (No word where the mom was.) But then eventually the man reportedly confessed that he had done the unthinkable. He had deliberately put his hands over the toddler's nose and mouth and suffocated him -- all so he could go to an Internet cafe and play video games.


Apparently the man, who lives in South Korea, stayed at the Internet cafe playing video games for 10 days. Think about it. Ten days. At an Internet cafe. And he looked his baby in the eyes, placed his hands over the child's mouth, and took his life away from him -- so he could go back to gaming.

I'm not saying that his addiction wasn't a choice. There are therapists who will say that behaviors can't be addictions -- only substances like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and food can. I say that anything you can't stop doing despite extreme detriment to yourself or a loved one is an addiction of sorts.

You might be one of those people who can easily have one or two glasses of wine. That doesn't mean there are those who can't do that without going on a three-day bender. There are people who cannot handle the things you can. I put video games in that category (and horror films).

This doesn't mean it's an EXCUSE. There are NO excuses for killing your child. It's just something that contributes to what happened.

This isn't the first we've heard of this kind of thing. In April 2010, a man was accused of shaking his baby to death because the kid was crying and disturbing his video game playing. Usually we hear of the video game playing kid doing the killing -- like the teen who killed his mom after she took away his video game.

Remember, video game addiction is not an excuse for anything. It is just one more behavior, like gambling or shopping or having sex, that can cause hormonal fluctuations and brain wave activity to change -- which can become addictive. And when people are ruled by the demands of their brain chemicals, who knows what they will do.

No matter the "reason," this is horrific and this poor little boy deserved so so much better. This guy sounds utterly sociopathic -- he reportedly even checked his hair in the mirror of an elevator while he carried the suitcase that contained the body of his son.

Do you think gaming can be an addiction?


Image via Rebecca Pollard/Flickr

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