2 Men Allegedly Commit Heinous Crimes While Wearing GPS Ankle Monitors (VIDEO)

Two registered sex offenders believed to have been working together were charged on Monday with four felony counts each of rape and "special circumstances murder" in the horrific deaths of four California women last year.

Police believe that the two men, Franc Cano, 27, and Steven Dean Gordon, 45, may be responsible for even more heinous crimes and have contacted authorities in other missing persons cases across the country. If convicted, the men face potential life sentences without parole or even the death penalty.

The scariest part of this whole story is that both men were under police supervision -- and were wearing GPS ankle monitors at the times of the killings last October.


It seems that the pair met when they cut off their tracking anklets in 2012 and high-tailed it to Vegas for a two-week stay at Circus Circus. They had both previously been convicted in separate cases of "lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14."

When they were caught in 2012, they pleaded guilty and were ordered to provide DNA samples, have their computers monitored by federal agents, and check in with the Anaheim police once a month. They also had to provide updated photos, fingerprints, and addresses, as well as wear the trackers again.

Details are scarce (i.e., non-existent) about what led law enforcement to arrest the men for the murders or how they could've done it under police supervision. Both men were in compliance with their monthly check-ins.

These crimes are horrific enough, but it's a whole other level of tragedy when you think about the fact that they were allegedly committed by people that the police were supposed to be keeping us safe from. Let's hope that whatever hole in the system that allowed this gets closed as quickly as possible -- after all, these aren't the only two sex offenders currently under police supervision. 

Do you think ankle monitors are adequate protection against convicted sex offenders?


Image via Tripp/Flickr

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