Stiletto Murder Gets Woman Life In Prison Regardless of Her Claims (VIDEO)

On Tuesday a woman, Ana Trujillo of Texas, was convicted of murdering her boyfriend with a stiletto shoe. She stabbed him 25 times in the face with a 5 1/2 inch blue stiletto heel. On Friday, at the punishment phase of her trial, Trujillo's lawyer argued that it was a crime of passion fueled by self-defense and pleaded for a light sentence to reflect that. He asked for two to 20 years. The jury felt differently.


The victim was Alf Stefan Andersson, a University of Houston professor and researcher. The jury only deliberated for 4 1/2 hours and came back with a life sentence, later explaining through prosecutors that the physical evidence proved this simply wasn't a case of self-defense.

During the trial it came out that while Andersson had defensive wounds on his hands and wrists, Trujillo had no visible wounds. In addition, witnesses were brought in to talk about times when Trujillo had become violent toward them when she drank. She had alcohol in her system at the time of the murder.

During closing arguments prosecutor Sarah Mickelson said that it was insulting that Trujillo "paraded around town like she's the victim" after stabbing Andersson 25 times in the face with a stiletto

At the sentencing Trujillo told the judge that she loved Andersson and never meant to hurt him. That she just wanted to get away.

As her life sentence was handed down Trujillo was silently crying in the court room.


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