Toddler Feared Abducted From Home Suddenly Returns After 42 Hours (VIDEO)

A 3-year-old Australian toddler named Chloe Campbell who grabbed headlines when she disappeared from her home has miraculously walked back into her house more than 42 hours after she first went missing. The toddler was found just steps from her home long after police went on a large-scale manhunt after it was reported that the girl, who was dubbed the "Australian Madeleine McCann" vanished in the night from her bedroom. Police are calling it a "miracle," and the family is obviously hugely relieved. But many questions linger.


Chloe disappeared from her home on Wednesday night, and it was feared that someone had broken in and abducted the blonde toddler as one window in her bedroom was wide open.

Her mother, Tammy O'Donnell, said it was like a "nightmare [she] couldn't wake up from." In a TV conference, she begged her child's abductor to "please have the decency and guts to bring her home."

When a toddler disappears, the worst is usually assumed, so you can only imagine the gushing relief that must have poured out of this family when Chloe suddenly reappeared. But no one knows yet exactly what happened. Surveillance footage showing two men walking with a young girl not far from the O'Donnells' home is being investigated, but it's unclear if the footage is related to the case.

Was Chloe abducted and the perpetrators decided to return her? Did Tammy's tearful plea work? Or could the girl have gone off on her own?

The girl has been taken to a hospital for examination; it's unclear yet if she has any injuries. Not too many parents get this happy ending when a child disappears for this long, so this is indeed a happy miracle.

What do you think happened?

Image via Eyewitness News 10

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