Man Busted With Child Porn Thanks to His Own Stupidity

You would think someone who spends his time doing something as illegal -- and disgusting -- as exchanging images of children having sex would be an absolute genius at hiding his vice. Lucky for all of us, 61-year-old Michael Murray is not that savvy and will now get exactly what he deserves for his immoral actions. The man recently dropped off his laptop at a Best Buy store in New York to be repaired, but failed to delete a slideshow of young girls having sex with older men -- which popped up when one of the store's technicians rebooted his computer.


The technician reportedly told his supervisor about the disturbing slideshow, and then he found even more child pornography on the laptop. They called police, and when detectives questioned Murray, he confessed to exchanging child porn over the Internet for about five years.

He's being charged with 15 counts of possession of sexual performance by a child and, if convicted, could serve up to four years in prison.

You have to wonder how Murray could think so little of his actions that it wouldn't be at the forefront of his mind to get rid of all evidence of child pornography on his laptop before sending it to be repaired. Has he been engaging in this for so long that it became normal to him? Maybe he has gotten away with it for five years and believed himself to be invincible at this point?

Who knows. But I guess we can thank Murray for being so careless. His mindless act led to his own demise. One less person out there exchanging destructive images of children being abused is a very good thing.

Do you think Murray simply forgot to delete these images from his laptop or is there some other reason you think he got caught?


Image via Liam Dunn/Flickr

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