Child Bride Kills Unsuspecting Husband With Poisoned Wedding Dish

PoisonA 14-year-old girl forced to marry a 35-year-old man last week got out of the arrangement by doing the only thing she believed she could -- she poisoned him.

The Nigerian child bride prepared a "celebratory meal" of rice and rat poison, which she then offered to her groom and a few of his friends who had traveled to his villiage to celebrate the nuptuals. He and one other died on the scene, and two more died later in the hospital.


Wasila Umaru has confessed to the crime, saying that she did it because she was forced to marry Umaru Sani, "a man she did not love." A spokesman for the local police said she is cooperating with them and will likely be charged with culpable homicide.

Oh honey, an arranged marriage between a 35-year-old man and a 14-year-old girl has nothing to with love, and a lot more to do with pedophilia if he had sex with her. Since the leading cause of death of women aged 15-19 across the globe is childbirth, it's probably safe to assume that most men in a similar situation would force themselves on their "wives."

Marriage before 18 is prohibited by Nigeria's Child Rights Act, but the law isn't enforced in the country's rural areas, where it's estimated that half of all girls are wed before their eighteenth birthdays.

No wonder this poor girl saw no way out of her horrific situation other than to kill her husband. Can you imagine how afraid she must have been? And God only knows if there were any other incidents that took place that she felt she had to protect herself from.

Would you have done the same thing in her shoes?


Image via Kevin O'Mara/Flickr

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