Mom Leaves 5-Month-Old Baby With Stranger & Then Disappears (VIDEO)

What would you do if you were walking down the street one day and a woman came up to you and asked you to take care of her 5-month-old baby for awhile? I suspect most of us would call the police or refuse. But a woman identified only as Alysha decided to care for the little girl. And it's a good thing she did. Because what happened next is really sad.


Alysha was walking down the street with a friend around 3 a.m. in Houston when she was approached by a woman. She asked the women if they could take care of her baby for the night. Alysha told a local media outlet:

The word was that we would help the mom because she was supposedly trying to get money for the baby's diapers.

The pair then agreed to give the mom a ride back to her motel -- where they were shocked to realize the adorable blue-eyed girl had been left alone. They took the girl and told the mom to call them in the morning.

But in the morning, no call came.

Alysha waited until the afternoon and then decided she needed to do something. So she took the tot to a local fire station. She says:

I said the best thing was to take her to the fire station and get things on the ball and figure out where is this baby's mom. Where can she be?

Medication left with the baby indicated that her name was Lily, but no one knows where the mom is. Is she in trouble? Or did she just realize that she can't take care of a baby?

Officials say that Lily's mom doesn't qualify for safe haven laws because the baby is too old. But still, it sounds like they are willing to work things out with the mom since that would "be the right thing to do." The baby, who appeared happy and healthy, is in foster care.

Sad as this is, perhaps this was the best thing that could have happened to this little girl. Provided nothing horrible happened to mom, if the girl was abandoned, she now has a chance to grow up with a responsible family who loves her and is capable of caring for her. Or maybe this will be the wake-up call the mother needs to get her life together? We shouldn't discount the fact that something may have happened to her though.

And thank goodness the mom happened to leave her with a Good Samaritan like Alysha.

What do you think happened to the mom?

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