Crazy Spring Break Party Ends With Riots, Injuries & 80 Arrests (VIDEO)

Remember when the worst thing that happened at your college spring break party was someone would drink too much and flirt with someone else's boyfriend, causing a massive amount of d-r-a-m-a? Well, multiply that frenzy by about a thousand percent and you still won't even get close to the "Deltopia" beach party that took place this weekend in California and resulted in absolute mayhem. About 15,000 revelers, mostly students from the University of California, Santa Barbara, were in attendance, and by the end of the day, 44 people -- including 6 police officers -- were injured, and almost 100 people were arrested.


"Deltopia" is an annual spring break party that seems like it should be peaceful and wonderful -- I mean, what kid feels the need to riot while hanging out on an idyllic Cali beach? But a party fueled by an obscene amount of alcohol is always a crap shoot, isn't it? And this one proved to be a nightmare.

It began when cops responded to a call that two people had been stabbed on the street early on in the day. It's uncertain exactly what caused the following series of events to unfold, but during the next few hours, partygoers tore down street signs, hurled rocks and bottles at police officers, destroyed vehicles, and set various items on fire. One cop was hit in the face with a brick, another was hit in the head with a backpack containing bottles of alcohol, and two others were reportedly injured by broken glass from bottles.

In response to the madness, police released "chemical agents" into the crowd in an attempt to break up the party.

At the end of this mess, at least 18 people were arrested because of their involvement in the disturbance, another 80 were arrested at other times during the party, and 44 people were hospitalized because of injuries they incurred at the Isla Vista event.

Here's video footage of the event, which will either make you very happy you're no longer in college or make you think twice about whether your teen actually needs a college degree:

What do you think caused this spring break party to get so out of control?


Image via YouTube

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