Teacher's Fight With Alleged Drug Dealing Student Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

Being a teacher isn't easy. They have to deal with everything from disrespectful class clowns to bullies. Though one Santa Monica High School science teacher faced a situation he likely never expected. He caught a kid dealing marijuana in his classroom. Even more shocking is that he could end up losing his job for trying to stop him.


Teacher Mark Black, who is also the head wrestling coach, confronted the alleged drug peddler and the kid threw a punch. Black defended himself by tackling the kid, trying to subdue him and the entire melee was caught on a camera phone.

I guess this kid messed with the wrong teacher.  Unfortunately, this has landed him in hot water. The school district is calling his attempt to restrain the teen "unacceptable."

However, I can't imagine that parents would agree. Black saw a kid endangering the welfare of his other students, not to mention committing a very serious crime. Then he was attacked. What was he supposed to do? He was willing to step in and put himself in harms way to do the right thing. The real problem is this drug-dealing student.

Do you think Black was wrong to tackle the student?


Image via YouTube

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