9-Month-Old Boy Charged With Attempted Murder

9-month-old charged with attempted murderThis story takes the notion of a baby-faced killer to a whole new level. A 9-month-old boy has been charged with attempted murder for throwing rocks at police during a raid. This is no joke. The child was even bawling as they fingerprinted him and sat on his father's lap sucking a bottle during his court appearance.


The baby was arrested along with at least 30 others in Pakistan. He was also charged with threatening police and interfering in an investigation.

The trouble began during a raid as policed tried to catch suspected gas thieves. The suspects reportedly tried to kill officers by throwing stones at them -- and the little baby supposedly got in on the action. But the boy's father said they were actually protesting the electricity shortage in the area. He alleges that police created the trumped up charges to punish them.

Luckily, the judge was more reasonable than the arresting officers. Once he realized the suspects age, he was granted bail.

Is it even possible for a child this young to attempt murder?

Image via YouTube

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