Disturbing Motive of Fort Hood Shooter May Have Been Discovered

armyWhen a mass shooting occurs, we are often left with one question: Why? It's hard to imagine the reason someone would go on a rampage, killing innocent people. Now investigators may have stumbled across why Fort Hood shooter Ivan Lopez killed three fellow soldiers and injured 16 more.


It seems that Lopez was angry with the Army for many reasons. According to reports, he had recently asked for a leave to deal with family matters and was very upset when he was denied. He also allegedly became anger with the soldiers in his unit before the attack. Two of his victims were from that unit. 

He had been undergoing evaluation for post-traumatic stress disorder and treatment for depression and anxiety. And writings on his Facebook page paint the picture of a very troubled man. On the same day he allegedly purchase a gun, he wrote, “My spiritual peace has all gone away, I am full of hate, I believe now the devil is taking me. I was robbed last night and I’m sure it was two flacos. Green light and thumbs down. It’s just that easy ...”

And on February 27, he posted a handgun with the words, “Plaka, plaka, plaka, plaka," which is Puerto Rican slang for "Bang, bang, bang, bang."

Months before, he expressed his unhappiness with the Army after his mother died, blaming the bureaucracy for not being able to return calls from friends and family offering condolences. Officials are still being cautious about officially declaring a motive, but it is clear that Lopez was very troubled and disgruntled man.

Do you think this could have really been his motive?

Image via PEOSoldier/Flickr

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