Dad Viciously Beaten by Crowd When Stopping to Help Boy Hit By His Truck (VIDEO)

A 53-year-old father is clinging to life after he got out to help a little boy he had accidentally hit with his truck and was beaten to a pulp by an angry crowd. The 11-year-old boy was standing with some friends near a gas station when it appears he took a step or two into the street and was hit by a passing vehicle. The driver, Steve Utash, stopped and got out to help the boy but was set upon by an angry mob who beat and robbed him.


Felicia, the daughter of the Detroit man, says that everyone involved should be "ashamed" and that her father was "doing the right thing like he always does."

Surveillance video caught the incident on film, and while it's difficult to see exactly what happened, it does appear that the kid stepped into the street a bit too early. Police have said that Utash was not speeding or breaking any driving laws.

At any rate, he did what he should have done, which is stop to see if he could help. So then to be set upon by an angry mob who didn't see what happened is horrific. It makes you wonder if you should ever get out to help anyone!

The boy's family, who were not with him when the incident happened, say they went out to look at the scene once they were informed of what had happened -- but claim none of them had anything to do with the man's beating and that they don't know who the mob was who set upon him. Police are questioning the boy's father but no arrests have been made.

The boy is recovering in the hospital. Utash is in critical condition and a doctor said his recovery "doesn't look good." His daughter is desperately hoping he pulls through. She is also setting up a fundraiser for her dad, who is a tree-cutter without health insurance.

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This is just absolutely tragic. I understand that in the heat of the moment, emotions get out of control, but there is no excuse for vigilante justice. These people obviously did not know what had happened -- they just made assumptions. And even if they thought he had hit the boy on purpose, why not just hold him for police? Why beat and then rob him???

I really hope whoever did this to this poor man is found and punished.

Have your ever let you emotions get the best of you in the heat of the moment despite not knowing exactly what happened?


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