FBI on the Hunt for Alleged Pedophile & Needs Your Help (PHOTOS)

The FBI has released images of an alleged pedophile and has asked the public to help find him. The man is only identified as John Doe 28, and a picture of him in a purple shirt with what appears to be a fish logo on the left side and wearing glasses is making the rounds. Police say he appears in a video sexually abusing a young boy.


The two-minute video of the man and the boy, whose age isn't made clear, was found in the possession of another man arrested on child pornography charges in San Francisco. Police say it's unusual for a man to show his face during a child pornography video.

So far where the man lives is a mystery, but authorities believe the man is American since he says the word "careful" in the video. Pictures of the man were gotten by enhancing screen grabs of the video.

Somewhere out there is a child who is being abused and exploited. There are many. But this one has a real chance of being saved given that this man's face is so clear, and there are even markers in the background to give clues to who he is -- such as the blue wall and the picture of what appears to be a mountain range.

Hopefully with all of this information, someone will recognize this man. Perhaps even someone in his family or network of friends will be the ones to identify him. Who knows, maybe it will be the folks at Reddit or 4Chan who track him down, as they already seem to be on the case.

A little boy's life depends on this. So if you know this man, the FBI asks you to call 1-800-CALL-FBI.


Image via FBI

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