Dead Twins Found in Their Home 3 Years After Dying

twinsWe've always heard that twins have a very special bond. It's certainly a very unique experience. For Anthony and Andrew Johnson, they were born together ... and died together. Though it wasn't a tragic accident that claimed their lives. The identical twins were found dead, side-by-side in their Chattanooga, Tennessee home. The strangest part?


The 63-year-old brothers had been decomposing in reclining chairs for years. Based on a receipt near some grocery items, police estimate the brothers passed away in early 2011. As of now, investigators do not suspect foul play. Both suffered from diabetes and other health issues that may have contributed to their demise.

Apparently, their sister had tried to get into their home in August 2011 but couldn't. If anyone else tried to investigate, it's not clear. They were finally discovered after another family member managed to get a key to the house and entered over the weekend. To call it a horrifying find is an understatement.

Given the fact that they actually had relatives in the area, it's unbelievable that their bodies were left to rot away unnoticed. Neighbors say they never suspected a thing since the house was so well-maintained -- oddly, the grass was cut and the mailbox was never overflowing. Eerie. Many assumed they had just moved away or were put into a nursing home. Though this is far from the first time this kind of thing has happened. The Stir recently reported on a mummified women who died in her garage in 2008. It took years for someone to find her remains.

It's so sad that people go through life with so little contact with others that no one would realize they're gone for years. Or that their absence did not cause more urgency and concern. I suppose awful things like this will occur more in more in our tech-obsessed world. It is possible to lead a fully functioning life without stepping foot outside one's doorstep. You can work from home, pay bills online, have all your clothes, food, and necessities mailed to you. Gone are the days when the local grocer, butcher, or post office clerk would notice if they hadn't seen a loyal customer in awhile.

Most of us still maintain profound connections to the outside world, but this clearly isn't the case for everyone. You can't help but feel sorry for them. To go unnoticed for years like these twins had is simply tragic.

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