10-Year-Old Girl Shot to Death Where She Should Have Been Safest (VIDEO)

A 10-year-old girl in Washington, Pennsylvania, was in the safest place she could be -- her home. But it turned out to be the most unsafe place she could possibly be. As she innocently walked from her bedroom to her mother's room, the unfathomable happened. A bullet came through the home's door and ripped through her skull. The little girl died and no one knows why.


Police believe that someone fired on the house from outside -- but why? Little Taniyah Thomas's mother had reportedly been arrested on drug charges in January. Her live-in boyfriend had also reportedly had drug-related convictions in the past. But police have yet to say whether they think this had anything to do with the home being targeted by a gunman.

Taniyah had everything going for her. She was smart, outgoing, a cheerleader, and popular at school.

Police believe that the gunmen or gunman forced their way in the apartment building downstairs. When they couldn't get into Taniyah's apartment, they shot through the door. Everyone was asleep at the time, except Taniyah, who had gotten up around 4 a.m. to walk into her mother's room. Investigators think she may have heard the commotion and gotten up to get help or comfort from her mother.

Unfortunately, that sealed her doom.

This is a little girl who was where she was supposed to be -- in her home. Safe in her home. Safe with her mother, her little brother. And now her very promising, bright life is snuffed out because some disgusting cowards decided to shoot through a door, having absolutely no idea whom they might hit. I hope they see these news reports and are overwhelmed with guilt. Maybe enough guilt to turn themselves in. Horrific.

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