15-Year-Old Girl Traveling Alone Allegedly Molested By Stranger Seated Next to Her

flightMost of us think the perils of flying are pretty clear: everything from the annoying (long delays and canceled flights) to the frightening (mechanical problems and crashes). However, there are some other dangers we should apparently be considering. A 66-year-old California man is accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl seated next to him on a Delta flight.


Hans Loudermilk was arrested after allegedly groping and making lewd comments to the teen who was flying alone from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. He reportedly told the girl that he would "teach her things sexually that boys her age could not." He kept moving closer and began touching her. "This touching progressed to rubbing leg and upper thigh," an agent wrote in a report.

Just disgusting. But wait, he gets even creepier. Police say he also told her that she "should drive with him and that in the state of Utah, he could marry her at her current age." Once the plane landed, she went straight to a TSA officer and reported what happened.

When he spotted her talking to the officer, Loudermilk allegedly darted into a gift shop to change his shirt so that he could not be as easily spotted. What a despicable and disturbing crime. And honestly, one you don't really prepare yourself for. Being molested by a seat mate is the last thing on anyone's mind when you fly. But clearly predators are everywhere and they won't let being 30,000 feet above ground stop them. That poor girl. She kept her wits about her and did the right thing. And if found guilty, let's hope Loudersmith gets a just punishment for the crime.

Have you ever witnessed strange or scary behavior on a flight? If so, what happened?


Image via Hunter Desportes/Flickr

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