Mom Accused of Feeding Baby Only Water for 3 Weeks Hoped He'd 'Go Away'

sippy cupPrepare to be outraged. A couple in Phoenix, Arizona has been accused of refusing to feed their 9-month-old son for almost a month. Well, actually, they fed him: Water. After Ryan Adam Morris brought his starving son to the hospital, he and his wife, Veronica Marie Diaz, were arrested on suspicion of child abuse. An investigation was launched after medical staff examined the 7-pound baby(!) and found him to be "extremely underweight and neglected."

But wait. It gets better.

According to reports, Diaz told authorities that the reason she gave the child only water and "a little milk at night" was because with her four other children, she was hoping the baby would get sick and "go away." She "gave up" on the baby, she claims.


Morris had another almost equally horrifying excuse, telling police that they ran out of formula and needed the money for other things, such as bills and tobacco products for himself. It also came to light that the way the baby was eventually fed was through Diaz's ex-boyfriend bringing over formula.

It's difficult to even know where to begin on the horrifying list with this heinous crime. To slowly starve an infant to death takes an unparalleled cold-bloodedness. Here's a thought: Why doesn't Diaz stop having children if she feels she has her hands full with four? And here's another thought: OMG, why does this woman have five kids?! Or one kid?! What kind of parent behaves in this way? And, if the allegations are true, I can't imagine what other irresponsible, awful things these people have done.

Thank goodness this baby is all right and these parents have been arrested. If they weren't caught allegedly treating their child so horribly at nine months, god only knows what kind of terrible things were in this poor child's future. Ugh. Sickening.

What punishment do you think the parents deserve, if convicted?


Image via Randy Robertston/Flickr

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