96-Year-Old Man Starved & Left to Die by the Last Person You'd Expect

father killed by daughter who was supposed to be caring for himThis one makes me nauseated. Renee Nash is currently on trial for second-degree murder. That's awful enough. What makes it even worse is who she stands accused of killing. Authorities allege that Renee is responsible for the death of her own father. They say she left the 96-year-old man to die. They report that he went unwashed, unfed, and was left to die in a house full of squalor. It's an awful story. No one deserves to spend their last days on this planet the way Harlan Haynes did.

As if that weren't terrible enough, Nash was being PAID to take care of her father. She made an income of $1,200 a month to look after him. If she lacked the gene for empathy, you'd think dollars and cents would have helped incentive her to care for the man at the end of his life. But apparently not.


Authorities say that when Nash finally called in to report her father's death, he had been dead for a period of at least two days. That's right, she paid so little attention to the man, she didn't even notice when he died. When officials came to remove the body, they were shocked by what they found. The smell was virtually unbearable, and those present describe "two feet of human feces" that needed to be waded through. Haynes himself was found in a soiled T-shirt and a filthy adult diaper.

There is no excuse for her behavior. If she couldn't provide the care for him that he so desperately needed, she should have made that known to authorities rather than leaving an old man to starve to death. We so often read stories of parents terribly mistreating their children, but flipping the roles as we have here, it's just as bad. Nash is being held on $500,000 bail. I hope she gets the help she needs and the rest of her family can heal from this.

Do you think there's more to this story than we know?


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