Cop Arrested for Pretending to Be Teen Girl But That's Not the Worst Part (VIDEO)

Now might be the time to explain to your kids that not everything they see on Facebook is real. A 400-pound, 6-foot-3 police officer from Florida has been charged with creating a fake Facebook account and acting as if he were a teen girl so that he could entice teen boys into sending him pictures of their genitalia.


Sgt. Michael Stavris had been investigated for a year and had reportedly made about 40 friends under 18 with his fake Facebook profile. At least one kid was 14. He would then allegedly entice the teen boys into sending him pics of their penises in exchange for promised oral sex -- and the teen boys were all too willing to oblige. But really, they were sending the pics to a big dude -- a cop, at that!

Hint: If a teen girl friends you and all of her other friends are teen boys -- well, might be something up. Also, sending pics of your genitals to a stranger (or anyone for that matter) is never a good idea.

You'd hope that a cop would be above this type of behavior, but of course, they're human and some of them are just as depraved as non-cop criminals. It's scary, however, to think that this is a man that a teen boy or child would have run to for help if he needed it. When a person is wearing that blue uniform, he or she has a duty to be the type of person whom the average citizen can trust. If Stavris is found guilty, he definitely does not deserve to be wearing a badge.

And, kids, please. No "pensies" on FB, 'kay?


Image via 47News

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