Father Offers Repulsive 'Excuse' for Sexually Assaulting Daughter

A man in New Mexico won't spend one day in prison despite sexually assaulting his daughter. The man was found to have "sexually penetrated" his adult daughter on at least two occasions, and he sexually assaulted her several times over four years. He will reportedly have to register as a sex offender and will be on probation with a suspended nine-year sentence ... that's it?!! And wait 'til you hear what court records say he told his daughter as he was assaulting her.


According to the Alamogordo Daily News, 54-year-old Arnold Adkins pleaded no contest to charges of incest and sexually assaulting his daughter, who one outlet reports is 31 years old. According to court records, Adkins and his daughter were watching television when he began to forcibly have sexual intercourse with her. When she reportedly begged him to stop, he said, "Don't do this to me." To me!

And even worse? He also reportedly told her he was assaulting her because he only wanted to make her happy.

Isn't that just like a depraved sexual predator? To twist it around to act like he is doing his victim some kind of favor. This reminds me of the famous actor who allegedly sexually abused her daughter and told her it was "natural" and what dads did to their daughters.

Sickeningly, his attorney is thankful his client won't have to spend more time in jail (it's unclear how long he was there) and says that he doesn't believe Adkins is "a risk to the community at large," though he agrees he is "certainly he is a risk to his daughter."

I have no idea how an adult woman (she would have been 26 when the assaults started) was sexually assaulted repeatedly by her own father, but I am not going to play blame the victim. Perhaps he was a lot stronger than her, perhaps she had nowhere else to go, or perhaps her childhood was so awful that psychologically she was a mess and didn't know how to protect herself.

Fathers don't force sex on daughters ... period.

Do you think he should have gone to prison?


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