Mom Arrested for Letting 13-Year-Old Son Starve to Death in Front of Her Eyes

A mother is being charged with murder after allegedly not treating her 13-year-old son's medical condition, which resulted in him starving to death. The teen reportedly weighed only 21 pounds at the time of his death and looked like a "2- or 3-year-old," which sounds inconceivable. The boy, Aidan, suffered from "juvenile appetite disorder" and his pituitary gland didn't function properly. Doctors, however, said these conditions were treatable -- only the mother, Jessica Lee Jensen of North Dakota, decided not to treat them. Why?!


Jessica was the single mom of three kids and no doubt overwhelmed and busy. But to neglect to give your child necessary medications and bring him to doctor's appointments when he has a horrific condition that is making him starve to death in front of your eyes -- well, how do you let that happen?

Jessica said she didn't bring her son to the doctor for several years because she thought she could "solve the problems" on her own. Perhaps, as a single mother of three, she was so accustomed to doing everything for herself that she just continued to do so, despite it not working.

After all, this isn't a case of mild neglect. The child was literally starving to death in front of her eyes. He was a teen but reportedly looked like a toddler. He threw up after eating.

I understand being incredibly busy to the point where maybe you forget to bring your kids to the doctor -- or even put it off on purpose because you just don't have the time -- but this? And, unfortunately, because she had been homeschooling her son for several years, no one else saw this abuse. If he'd been getting out to school regularly, he most likely could have been saved.

Jessica also reportedly waited at least half an hour -- possibly as much as three hours -- before calling 911 after her son died. This is a woman who doesn't appear to have cared about her son at all. I don't want to be judgmental without hearing all of the facts, but what I'm hearing so far is excruciatingly cruel and horrible.

This mom may have thought she could "solve" Aidan's problems herself, but she obviously could not. She should have asked for help if she were overwhelmed. But given all of the reported facts here -- including that her house was dirty and had feces on the floor -- Jessica may have had other issues preventing her from caring for her children properly.

Jessica's other two children are placed with relatives.

Should she have been charged with murder -- or just neglect?


Image via Ward County Sheriff's Office

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