Family Catches Man Stealing Daughter’s Panties From Their Own Bathroom

pantiesI come across stories like this one, and all I can think is, Someone's mother is dying of shame and disappointment right now. A Florida man was trapped in a bathroom trying to steal girls' panties. At least, that's what one family had to assume he was trying to do when they found him with one pair of girls' panties in his pocket. Actually, he may have been trying to steal all of their laundry, but it's the panties the family noticed first.

So here's how it all went down!


One night, the Gonzalez family was awakened by "a big boom sound" in their house. They called the police, and they grabbed their bats -- like any family would. Outside a broken screen door they found their laundry basket with some of their towels and detergent. Police arrived to look around when it occurred to the family to check the bathroom. Sure enough, there was 21-year-old Manuel Rodriguez, who was soon arrested for burglary and petty theft.

"He had my little girl's panties in his pockets and one on the sink," says Janet Gonzalez. "To me only a sick, perverted person would do that."

I have to agree with Janet. It looks like the alleged burglar was trying to steal the family's towels and detergent, too -- I guess? Towels are not the usual target for theft outside a laundromat. But finding some stranger with your daughter's underwear in his pocket would freak the bajeezus out of me.

But like I said, the person I feel for most is Rodriguez's own mother. To read in the papers that your son was caught stealing a little girl's underwear ... maybe she wasn't surprised, but I'm sure she wasn't exactly thrilled, either. I know it's not always the parents' fault when their kids grow up to be panty burglars, but this would still make any mom feel terrible. Ms. Rodriguez, I am so, so sorry about your son.

What would you do if you caught someone in your home trying to steal your laundry?


Image via Anthony Easton/Flickr

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