Man Accused of Killing Wife's Infant Daughter Because She Wasn't His (VIDEO)

Tragic and disgusting news out of Texas -- a man has been indicted for the murder of his wife's 4-week-old infant, Nevaeh Keith. The man, Brian Christopher Keith, allegedly resented the fact that although Neveah shared the same last name as him, she was not his biological child.


The baby was born into an extremely difficult situation. Her stepfather, Keith, had only been out of prison for nine days when he allegedly assaulted her and caused her death by blunt force trauma. Additionally, the little girl was only gotten help when CPS workers, sent to the house to retrieve the girl's mom, Shanna, and bring her to a treatment facility, noticed her in her unresponsive crib.

Keith allegedly admitted to authorites that he "patted" the baby on the head and "maybe" struck her. Not very credible that you wouldn't know if you'd struck an infant or not.

A few days later, Keith was arrested for a road rage incident. After his release, he violated his probation and was sent back to jail. This is a man who clearly cannot stay out of trouble. He has a lengthy rap sheet going back to 2005.

While in jail, he was indicted for the murder of little Neveah. Authorities reportedly believe the fact that he baby wasn't his may have contributed to a motive for the crime.

This little girl didn't stand a chance in this family.

What can be done to better protect children?


Image via KHOU

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