Alleged Rapist Uses 'I'm Too Handsome' Defense (VIDEO)

There have been some outrageous "excuses" for rape ... but this one must win some kind of award for most outrageous and insulting. A man is allegedly claiming there is no way he could have raped a woman -- because he is too good-looking. Darrious Mathis stood trial in September for the rape and car jacking of a Marietta, Georgia woman whom he allegedly abducted at gunpoint from a CVS parking lot.


But the trial ended in a hung jury 11-1 after the defense team partly used the strategy that the sex between Mathis and the unnamed woman was consensual -- and who wouldn't believe that? Just look at the guy!

The defense also hammered home the fact that the woman gave the man her phone number -- however, she claims she was terrified and gave it to him to keep him calm, and changed her number right afterwards.

What happened here is still up in the air given that there's a second trial going on and there's no way to know which way the law will decide. But the idea that a guy might be too attractive to rape is absurd. Rape has absolutely nothing to do with a guy's looks -- why is this even being brought up?

I guess the idea behind that theory is, "Hey, why would this hot guy have to rape a woman to get sex? He can get sex!" DUH! Rape isn't about sex. It's about power, control, the desire to hurt and shame. It's about violence, not sex. It's abuse, not sex.

Plenty of men with wives and girlfriends and active sex lives have raped. I could name names here, but I'm sure you can Google.

Once again, people do not seem to understand what rape really is -- as if it's about a woman's skirt length, or a man's chiseled jawline. It's NOT about that!

Can you believe this defense?


Image via KIROTV

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