Babysitter Kills Toddler & Then Plays on Facebook for Hours (VIDEO)

Imagine hiring a 36-year-old babysitter who came highly recommended by people you knew. Surely, you would think that someone as old as this, who comes with recommendations, would be safe for your child. But tragically 2-year-old Madeline McHenry was anything but safe with Sheila Polanski, who pled guilty of shaking the girl to death in 2011 and then playing on Facebook for hours while the little girl lay dying.


Polanski pled guilty to charges of aggravated manslaughter but hasn't been sentenced yet but she will likely face 12 years in prison. Wow. Not enough time!

Polanski was babysitting Madeline McHenry in June of 2011, when she reportedly got "stressed out" over being evicted from her apartment and couldn't stand the girl's whining anymore. That's when she threw her violently to the ground. Despite the fact that Madeline went unconscious, Polanski didn't call police. It was only after a couple of hours that she called a friend, who advised her to call police!

What was she doing during that time? Apparently playing a game called "Yo-Ville" on Facebook. It's horrible enough to get violent with a toddler, but then to turn around and play a game while that child lies unconscious on the floor. You have to be a complete sociopath with absolutely no feelings.

As it turned out, Polanski had a criminal record and was on medication for emotional issues. What she did in her past is unclear -- but a criminal background check might have made all of the difference here. Criminal background checks are NOT fail-proof though -- online databases aren't always reliable.

When she finally did call police, they discovered bruises on the girl's body which the babysitter denied having anything to do with. Madeline was rushed to the hospital and put on life support, but died two days later.

Said Madeline's dad, Dan McHenry:

I don't know what was going through her mind or how she could pick her up and shake her and throw her across the room and kill my little girl. She had the best personality in the world, very outgoing. She loved everything. She loved to sing. She's just the sweetest, cutest little peanut on the planet.

Horrific. And to think that if this woman had stopped her stupid game for one moment and gotten Madeline help, perhaps she'd be alive now. Polanski deserves the max.
Can someone like this ever be rehabiliated?

Image via ABC Channel 6
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